E-commerce’s Problems

• Running an online wedding dress shop has many things to be considered, such as how to obtain high quality product pictures? Taking pictures yourself is very time consuming and expensive way.

• Online shoppers need stock to sell, as this can save a lot of time, but for those who have insufficient funds, holding inventory can cause great financial pressure.

• When selling wedding dresses on line, delivery is a major concern.It takes a very long time to purchase wedding dresses from the supplier and then deliver them to your clients.

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dress inventory sharing api

Inventory Sharing Interface

JURESE® holds an inventory of nearly 10,000 products, which can help you shorten the lead time and provide better customer experience. Our API allows qualified customers to sync with our inventory data.

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drop shipment service dress

Drop Shipment Service

Drop shipment will save cost on global shipping fee than back to back. JUSERE® will take care all of the packages after your customers placing order.

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