Designer’s Problems

• For designers, intellectual property protection is a top concern when producing their designs in foreign factories. It is difficult to guarantee the designs not to be copied.

• It is not easy for designers to promote their own designs and the designs won't achieve public cognition unless you are working for a brand owner.

• Large factories always have minimum order quantity, while smaller factories can not guarantee the quality of their products.

Intellectual Property Protection
Promote Designs

Promote Your Designs

JUSERE® works with more than 5,000 merchants on our distribution platforms, which will help you expose your designs to more buyers to promote your designs and eventually higher your profit.

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design support

Design-to-Product Support

JUSERE® is the largest manufacture in Soochow, we have more than 300 professional tailors and over 30 professional designers. We will turn your ideas into reality with professionalism and high product quality.

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